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Electric oil suction for cars
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Distinctive Features of AMG Oil SuctionDevice

-       A fully automaticsystem to optimize energy consumption as well as without the need to turn offthe button permanently.

-       Durable engineaccording to the performance of the oil system.

-       Differentreservoirs at the sizes of 50, 90 and 200 liters for lubricant and oil suction.

-       Easy handling atwork.

-       High-speedperformance.

-       Discharge ofsediment and other wastes with oil. (Oil deposits will not cause any problemsfor the device)

-       Low powerconsumption with high efficiency.

-       Preparation ofless than 60 seconds.

-       No sound andvibration of oil suction.

-       Level monitoringscreen or oil volume monitor for suction tank of the engine oil.

-       The oil suctiontank from sheet steel with epoxy powder coating

Reasons for using engine oil suction

In most cases, we witness automobile oildischarge through the cartel screw in most car repair centers. However, in somecar brands including Peugeot 206 and even Large trucks such as AXOR and ATEGOof the Benz co. products, the oil suction should be used due to lack of accessto cartel screw. The performance of oil suction device is as below:

By turning on the oil suction device, the airinsider the 9-liter or 50-liter lantern oil is evacuated and the pressurecreates a vacuum in the lantern of engine oil suction device. So, by connectingthe oil drain hose to the engine on one side and to the engine oil tank suctiondevice on the other side, the flow moves form positive pressure to the negativepressure and as a result, oil from the engine drain to the suction tank of theengine oil.

Most motor oil suction device consists of atransparent chamber or the lanterns so that the repairman can see thevolume/color of oil as well as problems such as water entering the drainedengine oil and prevent further damages.

Oil lubrication is very important especiallyin truck engine oil, thus over the past 10 years engine oil suction device ishoused as crop switching equipment. Oil suction is one of the best workshops toolsfor oil auto service (oil change) for cars and trucks which is divided into twogeneral types of pneumatic engine oil suction and electric oil suction.

Since the price of oil suction change whetherthe pneumatic or electric, has not increased in recent years, it can bepurchased from nearly all active oil change centers.

However, lubricant device of trucks are alsoone of the modern devices besides suction tools. Further, truck oil suctionsare designed and manufactured based on the needs.  There are differences in complete suction ofengine oil in engine oil suction devices. However, since the entire oil is notvacated in cold engine oil change whether the pneumatic or electric one oropening the cartel screw and oil is separated from the engine body afterwarming. Therefore, the oil should be change half an hour before switching onthe car for better performance of the oil suction.